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By Robert Graves

Combines in one quantity the total textual content of the definitive two-volume vintage, mentioning the entire old myths.

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B. The Phorcids, their cousins, young ones of Ceto by means of Phorcys, one other clever outdated guy of the ocean, are Ladon, Echidne, and the 3 Gorgons, dwellers in Libya; the 3 Graeae; and, a few say, the 3 Hesperides. The Gorgons have been named Stheino, Euryale, and Medusa, all as soon as attractive. yet one evening Medusa lied with Poseidon, and Athene, enraged they'd bedded in a single of her personal temples, replaced her right into a winged monster with obtrusive eyes, large tooth, sticking out tongue, brazen claws and serpent locks, whose gaze became males to stone. while ultimately Perseus decapitated Medusa, and Poseidon’s childrens Chrysaor and Pegasus sprang from her lifeless physique, Athene mounted the pinnacle to her aegis; yet a few say that the aegis was once Medusa’s personal pores and skin, rayed from her through Athene. c. The Graeae are fair-faced and swan-like, yet with hair gray from start, and just one eye and one enamel among the 3 of them. Their names are Enyo, Pemphredo, and Deino. d. the 3 Hesperides, by means of identify Hespere, Aegle, and Erytheis, dwell within the far-western orchard which mom Earth gave to Hera. a few name them daughters of evening, others of Atlas and of Hesperis, daughter of Hesperus; sweetly they sing. e. half Echidne used to be attractive lady, part was once speckled serpent. She as soon as lived in a deep cave one of the Arimi, the place she ate males uncooked, and raised a brood of frightful toototers to her husband Typhon; yet hundred-eyed Argus killed her whereas she slept. f. Ladon used to be completely serpent, even though talented with the facility of human speech, and protected the golden apples of the Hesperides until eventually Heracles shot him useless. g. Nereus, Phorcys, Thaumas, Eurybia, and Ceto have been all teenagers born to Pontus by way of mom Earth; therefore the Phorcids and Nereids declare cousinhood with the Harpies. those are the fair-haired and swift-winged daughters of Thaumas via the Ocean-nymph Electra, who grasp up criminals for punishment by way of the Erinnyes, and reside in a Cretan cave. *** 1. apparently the Moon-goddess’s name Eurynome (‘wide rule’ or ‘wide wandering’) proclaimed her ruler of heaven and earth; Eurybia (‘wide strength’), ruler of the ocean; Eurydice (‘wide justice’) the serpent-grasping ruler of the Underworld. Male human sacrifices have been provided to her as Eurydice, their dying being it appears attributable to viper’s venom. Echidne’s loss of life on the hated of Argus most likely refers back to the suppression of the Serpent-goddess’s Argive cult. Her brother Ladon is the oracular serpent who haunts each paradise, his coils embracing the apple-tree. 2. between Eurybia’s different sea-titles have been Thetis (‘disposer’), or its variation Tethys; Ceto, because the sea-monster corresponding with the Hebrew Rahab, or the Babylonian Tiamat; Nereis, because the goddess of the rainy dement; Electra, as supplier of amber, a sea product hugely valued via the ancients; Thaumas, as very good; and Doris, as bountiful. Nereus—alias Proteus (‘first man’)—the prophetic ‘old guy of the sea’, who took his identify from Nereis, now not contrariwise, turns out to were an oracular sacred king, buried on a coastal island; he's pictured in an early vase-painting as fish-tailed, with a lion, a stag, and a viper rising from his physique.

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