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Emil Schürer's Geschichte des judischen Volkes im Zeitalter Jesu Christi, initially released in German among 1874 and 1909 and in English among 1885 and 1891, is a serious presentation of Jewish heritage, associations, and literature from a hundred seventy five B.C. to A.D. one hundred thirty five. It has rendered beneficial companies to students for almost a century.

The current paintings bargains a clean translation and a revision of the total subject-matter. The bibliographies were rejuvenated and supplemented; the resources are offered in accordance with the most recent scholarly versions; and all of the new archaeological, epigraphical, numismatic and literary proof, together with the lifeless Sea Scrolls and the Bar Kokhba records, has been brought into the survey. Account has additionally been taken of the development in ancient examine, either within the classical and Jewish fields. This paintings reminds scholars of the profound debt owed to nineteenth-century studying, atmosphere it inside of a much broader framework of up to date wisdom, and offers a origin on which destiny historians of Judaism within the age of Jesus could build.

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Pp. 161-9; see the dear dialogue in G . Le Rider, Suse (1965), pp. four 1 zero - n . 27. 2 Mac. 4:7-10. Josephus tells the tale another way. while in accordance with 2 Maccabees Onias used to be deposed, and, while Jason used to be disadvantaged of the HighPriestly workplace in his flip, later murdered (2 Mac. 4:33-4), Josephus easily documents that once the dying of Onias, his brother Jesus was once given the honour of excessive Priest, Ant. xii five, I (237), airodavovTos KOX 'Ovtov rov apxiepeoas TW aScA^cS avrov 'Irjaov T7)v apxL€po)avvr)v 'Avrloxos SiSwcrtv. yet Josephus's narrative is clearly precis and imprecise, and that of two Maccabees is proven by means of Dan. 9:26; 11:22, inasmuch as those passages most likely discuss with Onias III. §4- spiritual problem and Revolution artificially. 149 W i t h actual Hellenistic broadmindedness, Jason even despatched 28 a contribution to the sacrifices in honour of Heracles at the celebration of the quadrennial video games at Tyre; this was once offering it that they asked that the construct ships. so offensive to the Jews funds might be used to 29 Jason held place of work during this manner for 3 years (probably from 174 to 171 B . C . ) . He then fell, because of the intrigues of a rival who persevered his paintings in a way that used to be even worse. a definite Menelaus (according to two Mac. 4:23, cf. 3:4, most likely of the tribe of Benjamin and therefore no longer of priestly descent), succeeded, by means of promising nonetheless better sums of cash, in having Jason expelled, and the transferred to himself. of the 30 excessive Priesthood He really aroused the sour animosity humans by means of profaning the Temple vessels. He additionally prompted the 28. See in most cases 2 Mac. 4:11-17; 1 Mac. 1:11-15; Jos. Ant. xii five, 1 (241). the aim of disguising circumcision (1 Mac. 1:15, ¿7TOIT]OOLV éavrols aKpopvorías) was once to prevent mockery in public baths and wrestling-schools. in accordance with many stories, it kind of feels additionally to have occurred in later instances. See esp. 1 Cor. 7:18; mAb. 3:11; tShab. 15:9; yPea 166; yYeb. 9a; bYeb. seventy two ab; Gen. R. 46:13; Epiphanius, De mensuris et ponderibus sixteen (PG xliii, col. 264). Jerome is incorrect in denying that the operation is feasible, adv. Jovinian. I 2i=Migne P L xxiii, col. 239; comm. in Isa. fifty two, i = C C L lxxiiiA, pp. 574-5. See J E IV, p. 397; J . Juster, Les Juifs dans l'Empire romain II (1914), p. 284; Hengel, op. cit. , p. 137, n. one hundred thirty five. See additionally commentaries on 1 Cor. 7:18; and Str. -B. IV, pp. 33-4. The perform of epispasm looks to were so universal throughout the Hadrianic persecution that the rabbis brought the guideline of the peri'ah (laying naked of the glans penis) within the rite of circumcision, hence combating the obliteration of the 'sign of the covenant with Abraham' (see Gen. R. 46:13). 29. 2 Mac. 4:18-20. Jason's behavior calls to brain that of a definite Nicetas son of Jason 'IepoaoXvfiirTjs, dwelling in Iasus at the coast of Caria among Miletus and Halicarnassus round the heart of the second one century B . C . , who supported the occasion of Dionysia with a contribution of cash (Le Bas and Waddington, Inscriptions III n. 294 = Frey CI J II 749).

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