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The Islamic kingdom is likely one of the such a lot deadly and winning jihadist teams in glossy background, surpassing even al-Qaeda. millions of its fans have marched throughout Syria and Iraq, subjugating hundreds of thousands, enslaving ladies, beheading captives, and bold someone to forestall them. hundreds of thousands extra have unfold terror past the center East less than the Islamic State's black flag.

How did the Islamic kingdom allure such a lot of fans and triumph over loads land? by means of being extra ruthless, extra apocalyptic, and extra dedicated to state-building than its opponents. The clever leaders of the Islamic nation mixed of the main strong but contradictory rules in Islam-the go back of the Islamic Empire and the tip of the world-into a project and a message that shapes its process and evokes its military of zealous opponents. they've got defied traditional brooding about the right way to salary wars and win recruits. whether the Islamic kingdom is defeated, jihadist terrorism is not the same.

dependent virtually solely on basic resources in Arabic-including historical non secular texts and mystery al-Qaeda and Islamic nation letters that few have visible - William McCants' The ISIS Apocalypse explores how non secular fervor, strategic calculation, and doomsday prophecy formed the Islamic State's earlier and foreshadow its darkish future.

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