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By Ayatullah Baqir Sharif al Qarashi - XKP

A complete and specified biography and research of the lifetime of our 7th Imam, Musa Bin Jafar Al Kazim [a].


Published by means of: Ansariyan Publications

Qum - Iran -

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The enmity among them magnified. For neither the kingdom used to be able to yield to this system of the college to earn its affection and feel free with its support nor the varsity used to be able to yield to the need of the kingdom so that it will help it, serve it, and cooperate with it. How might that be so? (Certainly, that will now not be so), for when you consider that its starting the varsity had relating to the 2 very important issues (al-Thaqalayn): the ebook of Allah, and the kin of His Messenger. They have been hooked up to one another and helped each other. they didn't become independent from one another in acting their tasks that aimed to direct and consultant the neighborhood. that's as the Qur'an prevents (Muslims) from supporting the oppressive and inclining to them: and don't incline to people who are unjust, lest fireplace contact you, and you have got no guardians in addition to Allah, then you definitely shall now not be helped (11, 113). [1] the entire technological know-how foundations this really good application. They this system and behaviour of the college of Imam al-Sadiq, peace be on him. An instance of them is the Holy Najaf and Qum Theological colleges, for they either the unique pursuits declared by way of Imam al-Sadiq and utilized by him as a slogan and application for his college, similar to refraining from making courting with the ruling experts and cooperating with them. The Authority fears the Imam's institution The ruling professionals have been terrified of the Imam's college, for it grew to become higher; many of us attended it, studied the Imam's technological know-how, advised the others approximately it, unfold the advantages and extraordinary characteristics of Ahl al-Bayt. these items made al-Mansur [1] Imam al-Sadiq wa al-Medhahib al-Arba'a, vol. three, p. thirteen. sleepless and he had worry for his political pursuits. He used to be nervous simply because he proposal that the folk may appreciate Imam al-Sadiq, so he entrusted Abu Hanifa with trying out the Imam during the such a lot tricky and ambiguous questions. Now, we'll permit Abu Hanifa let us know of that: "I have by no means visible an individual extra an expert than Ja'far b. Muhammed. whilst al-Mansur introduced him, he despatched for me and stated: 'Abu Hanifa, the folks have in demand Ja'far b. Muhammed. So organize for him tricky questions. ' I ready for him 40 questions. Then he despatched for Ja'far while he was once in al-Hira. He introduced him and that i got here in to him. Ja'far b. Muhammed was once on his correct hand. whilst I checked out him, I honored him greater than I commemorated Abu Ja'far al-Mansur. I greeted al-Mansur and he requested me to sit. He grew to become to him (Imam al-Sadiq) and stated to him: 'Abu 'Abd Allah, this is often Abu Hanifa! ' 'Yes, i do know him', he, peace be on him, responded. "Then al-Mansur grew to become to me and stated: 'Abu Hanifa, ask Abu 'Abd Allah approximately your questions. ' I requested him approximately them and he replied me, announcing: 'You say so-and-so; the folk of Medina say so-and-so; we are saying so-and-so. probably we stick with (you and them) and maybe we oppose (you and them). I requested him concerning the 40 questions and he confirmed no disorder in any of them. '"[1] this perspective shows that the authority had harbored malice and rage opposed to the Imam and that it was once wary of him; likewise it shows that the Imam had nice medical talents.

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