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1,1 (religiones deorum falsas esse)] eleven. 3,12 (falsae religiones)—ed. cit. , pp. ninety five, one hundred and five. most importantly, the identify of booklet I of the Divinae Institutiones is De Falsa Religione. is that this the 1st time in human background that the sort of inspiration is fomulated? (Cf. lower than, p. 32 at word forty eight. ) 31 for instance, within the Epitome, Cicero's De Natura Deo~ rum is pointed out in ch. 17(22) (Blakeney, p. 12; Brandt & Laubmann, p. 688) and is quoted in different places; Lucretius is pointed out and quoted in ch. 20(25) (p. 14; 691) (Divinae Institutiones, U, three, 10 [p. 105]). 32 the hole passage of the Divinae Institutiones may appear to be accepting a fascinating divergence among those , considering that he speaks of the realized being ended in precise philosophy, the unlearned to real religio (ut et docti advert ueram sapientiam dirigantur et indocti advert ueram religionem—I. 1, ed. cit. , pp. 2-3; cf. Epitome, proem, Blakeney ed. , p. 3). This refers, despite the fact that, to a potential contrast within the brain of the 2 teams involved, a contrast that's resolved in his personal brain, and should be in his ebook. Later he explicitly conjoins them: Nunc quoniam falsam religionem, quae est in deorum cultibus, et falsam sapientiam, quae est in philosophis, refutavimus, advert veram religionem sapientiamque veniamus. Et quidem conjuncte, quia cohaerent, de utraque NOTES FOR bankruptcy 191 dicendum est. Nam Deum verum colere, identification est nec aliud quidquam, quam sapientia ('Since now we have, then, refuted fake religio, which lies within the cults of the gods, and fake sapientia, which the "philosophers" have, allow us to now come to actual religio and sapientia. And certainly one needs to converse of the 2 jointly, for the reason that they're of a section. For to worship the genuine God, is not anything except sapientia'—Epitome, chap. 36 [41], Blakeney, p. 27; Brandt & Laubmann, pp. 711-712). He additionally cash the real word and thought, vel sapiens religio vel sapientia religiosa (ibid. , chap. 37 [42], p. 28; 712): 'philosophic religio; or then again, spiritual philosophy'. This follows the fascinating aphorism et ideo falsa religio est, quia non habet sapientiam, ideo falsa sapientia, quia non habet religionem (ibid. , chap. 36 [41], p. 28; 712): 'Religio is fake with out philosophy, in exactly a similar means as philosophy is fake, with no religio'. 33 The time period thrSskeia happens 4 occasions within the New testomony: Acts 26. five, Colossians 2. 18, James 1. 26,27. those passages are thought of for his or her unique that means lower than, chap. three at notes 29, 30. In all situations the Vulgate renders it by way of religio, and simply this is this notice hired. within the James passage the corresponding adjective threskos is usually stumbled on, which comes out inescapably hence as religiosus. This latter time period is located 4 extra instances in all within the Vulgate: as soon as within the previous testomony (see our subsequent note), and 3 within the New: Acts 2. five; 10. 2; and thirteen. 50. right here it renders eulabeis, eusebes, and sebomenos respectively ('devout, god-fearing')—terms that take place richly within the New testomony (see under, chap. three at observe 28) yet are usually translated by means of Jerome in alternative routes.

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