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By Laurie Notaro

From the distinguished writer most sensible recognized for the Idiot ladies’ Action-Adventure Club and defined as “the funniest author within the sunlight approach” (The Miami Herald) comes a brand new laugh-out-loud selection of essays on rudeness.

Pinterest. Foodies. Anne Frank’s undies. New York instances bestselling writer Laurie Notaro—rightfully hailed as “the funniest author within the sun method” (The Miami Herald)—spares not anything and not anyone, least of all herself, during this uproarious new selection of essays on rudeness. With the sardonic, self-deprecating wit that makes us all believe a bit larger approximately ourselves for settling on along with her, Laurie explores her fresh misadventures and explains why it’s now not her who's nuts, it’s them (and ok, occasionally it’s her too).

Whether confessing that her obsession with paying for cloth has reached junior hoarder prestige or mistaking a friend’s heinous tattoo as transitority, Laurie places her specified spin—sometimes strange, consistently entertaining—on the numerous perils of contemporary residing in a mannerless society. From shuddering on the picture Harry Potter erotica conjured up at a writer’s staff to lamenting the surprising ubiquity of quinoa (“It seems like larvae regardless of the way you cook dinner it”), The Potty Mouth on the desk is whip-smart, unpredictable, and hilarious. In different phrases, irresistibly Laurie.

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