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By Mohammad Amin Sheikho

What's the spirit? the place is the guts of its lifestyles? and what's its functionality? what's the soul? the place is the guts of its life? and what's its functionality? what's the idea? the place does it exist? and what's its functionality? what's the brain? the place is its middle? and what's its functionality? what's its relation with the concept? And what are the relatives of the above-mentioned goods to every other?. Researches in regards to the resources of Spring Water on this planet.

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God says within the Holy Qur’an: “It is Al’lah who takes again the Spirits whilst lifeless and those that haven't died, in the course of their sleep. he's taking again these on whom He has handed the decree of dying, yet He sends the remainder for an appointed term”. The Holy Qur’an citadel (39) Az-Zumar (The Groups), verse (42). The Spirit of the sufferer leaves his physique as a result of the anesthesia, and the Spirit of the sleeper leaves the physique too as a result of the sleep. The soul continues to be within the physique which strikes, and the center pulses, yet he doesn't pay attention, comprehend or see whatever. We return to the ladies who reduce their palms within the tale of Yusuf (Joseph), the prophet. within the Holy Qur’an God says: “When she heard in their crafty (their malicious talk), she despatched for them and ready a dinner party; she gave every one of them a knife and stated to Joseph: “Come out earlier than them”. after they observed him, they did glorify him and (in their amazement) lower their fingers, they acknowledged: God innocent! No mortal is that this! this is often none yet a natural (noble) angel”. The Holy Qur’an castle (12) Yusuf (Joseph), verse (31). the ladies reduce their fingers simply because their Spirits have been surprised after they observed Joseph’s good looks (pth)[1]. consequently, the Spirits left their our bodies heading for prophet Joseph. So, they reduce their palms with no feeling that, simply because they have been ravished on the sight of his attractiveness and have been oblivious of all soreness. * * * [1] (pth): “Peace is thru him”. The soul it's the aid of the Godly gentle which flows into the blood. Its centre is that this actual center, and it's the relocating strength of the entire platforms and cells of the physique. via it the physique nourishes and strikes, so the lifetime of the physique is determined by it. it's the government strength of the ends, requisites, calls for, and fascinating issues of the Spirit. it's less than the command of the Spirit that strikes within the nerves via its rays. The Spirit directs and controls all of the voluntary and involuntary organs. The soul of the man or woman, animal and all residing creatures is similar, yet within the prophets and apostles, it's a sacred soul; that's, faraway from impurities and occasional reasons simply because their souls weren't infected via the worldly stains of lifestyles and its undesirable dirts. Their souls remained virtuous, natural and sacred, in order that they merely utter the great, correct, advantage and perfection, and at any place they settle, goodnesses, bliss, bless, happiness and pleasant everlasting beatitude of Al’lah unfold on all those that direct themselves in the direction of them, and those that are round them. The prophet Mohammad (cpth) was once requested concerning the soul. He defined the soul and its rays flowing during the physique through the blood. The Holy announcing reads: “Satan flows via a son of Adam because the blood circulates within the body”. and that's what the Noble Qur’an Marvellous verse denotes: “They ask thee about the soul… ” The Holy Qur'an, fort (17) Al-Isra' (The evening Journey), verse (85). They ask you “Mohammad” in regards to the soul. they truly requested him approximately it to frustrate and defeat him, yet God the Almighty spoke back them: “… say” Oh Mohammad: “… The soul is of the command of my supplier… ” The note “the command of my supplier” shows windfall and exhibits that Godly help spreading within the lifestyles.

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