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By Terry Pratchett

Once, in a gods-forsaken hellhole referred to as Koom Valley, trolls and dwarfs met in bloody strive against. Centuries later, every one species nonetheless perspectives the opposite with simmering animosity. in recent times, the influential dwarf, Grag Hamcrusher, has been fomenting unrest between Ankh-Morpork's extra diminutive citizens—a risky state of affairs made a long way worse whilst the pint-size provocateur is chanced on bashed to demise . . . with a troll membership mendacity very easily nearby.

Commander Sam Vimes of town Watch knows the significance of fixing the Hamcrusher murder right now. (Vimes's moment most-pressing accountability, actually, subsequent to consistently being domestic at six p.m. sharp to learn Where's My Cow? to Sam, Jr.) yet multiple corpse is anticipating Vimes within the eerie, summoning darkness of a labyrinthine mine community being secretly excavated underneath Ankh-Morpork's streets. And the lethal puzzle is pulling him deep into the muck and mire of superstition, hatred, and fear—and maybe the entire strategy to Koom Valley itself.

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The spoon jumped out of Brick’s empty soup bowl. The mysterious rock ball rolled around the desk, with an inevitable little trundling noise, and cracked open at the ground. Vimes appeared down at neat halves. “It’s jam-packed with crystals,” he acknowledged. Then he seemed nearer. there has been a bit of paper in a single damaged, glittering hemisphere. He picked it up and skim: Pointer & Pickles, Crystals, Minerals & Tumbling offers, No. three 10th Egg road, Ankh-Morpork. Vimes placed this down rigorously, and collected the 2 items of the stone. He driven them jointly, and so they outfitted with the merest hairline crack. there has been no signal that any glue had ever been used. He regarded up at Detritus. “Did you recognize that was once going to take place? ” he stated. “No,” stated the troll. “But I fink Mr. Shine did. ” “He’s given me his handle, Sergeant. ” “Yeah. So perhaps he wish you to visit,” Detritus conceded. “Dat is a honor, very well. You don’t locate Mr. Shine, Mr. Shine locate you. ” “How did he locate you, Mr. Brick? ” stated Vimes. Brick gave Detritus a panicky glance. The sergeant shrugged. “He choose me up at some point. Gimme food,” Brick mumbled. “He convey me the place to come back for extra. He tole me t’keep off’f the stuff, too. But…” “Yes…? ” Vimes triggered. Brick waved a couple of scarred, knobbly hands in a gesture that acknowledged, way more coherently than he may perhaps, that there has been the complete universe on one part and Brick at the different, and what may possibly somebody do opposed to odds like that? And so, he’d been passed over to Detritus, Vimes idea. That evened the chances slightly. He stood up, and nodded to Detritus. “Should I take something, Sergeant? ” The troll thought of this. “No,” he acknowledged, “but possibly dere’s a few finkin’ you'll go away at the back of. ” I can be in control of the mine raid, idea Vimes. we'd be beginning a struggle, in spite of everything, so I’m certain humans want to imagine that somebody excessive up used to be there while it occurred. So, why do i believe it’s extra vital that I see the mysterious Mr. Shine? Captain Carrot have been busy. town dwarfs cherished him. So he’d performed what Vimes couldn't have performed, or no less than have performed good, which was once take a muddy dwarf necklace to a dwarf domestic down in New Cobblers and clarify to 2 dwarf mom and dad the way it were chanced on. issues had occurred really quickly after that, and another reason behind the rate used to be that the mine used to be close. Guards and staff and dwarfs looking advice at the course of dwarfdom had grew to become up, to be met with locked doorways. funds was once owing, and dwarfs obtained very sure approximately such things as that. most of the large physique of dwarf lore used to be approximately contracts. You have been presupposed to receives a commission. not more politics, Vimes advised himself. somebody killed 4 of our dwarfs, now not a few loopy rabble-rouser, and left them down there in the dead of night. I don’t care who they're, they’re going to be dragged into the sunshine. It’s the legislation. all of the approach to the ground, the entire method to the pinnacle. yet it’s going to be performed via dwarfs. Dwarfs will visit that good, and dig out that dust back, and convey up the facts. He walked into the most workplace. Carrot was once there, in addition to part a dozen dwarf officials.

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