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By Daniel Arenson

They are again for more!

Misfit Heroes--a delusion sequence via Daniel Arenson, writer of Song of Dragons--continues with a brand new story of underdog heroes, creepy monsters, and epic adventure.


They say an evil witch lives within the wooded area. they are saying she turns youngsters into toads and pigs. they are saying her military of monsters will quickly march to war.

Only the bravest, most powerful heroes can cease her. Unfortunately... just a couple of misfits are around.

A couple failed squires. A jinxed wizard. A banished spirit of the wooded area. A childlike demon and her teddy endure. they're outcasts, mess ups, oddballs. Can they really defeat the witch, or will the dominion fall to her darkish magic?

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Tree hugging. " She glared at him. "Scwuff, dese awe my fwiends. " "Those are Gossamer and Webdew? " "Weww... no. yet dey awe fwiends t-t-too. " They saved strolling. Dragonflies glided round them, leaving wakes of glittering red powder. Dry leaves glided, and the plants stuffed the air with pollen. Scruff's sneezes shook the wooded area. "Scwuff, extra quietwy, pwease. Wemembew — we will not rainy da ewdews c-c-catch us! Dey b-banished me. If dey trap us, dey wiww.... " She gulped. Scruff swallowed a sneeze. "Will what? " Cobweb twisted her arms. "Dey wiww tuwn us to stone. " She buried her face in her fingers. "I've obvious it d-d-done befowe! it is howwibwe. " Scruff attempted to include her, yet swallowed one other sneeze, which tossed him backward. "They will not capture us," he stated and sniffled. They walked for a number of hours throughout the wooded area. Cobweb knew the secrets and techniques paths the spiderlings usually took, and she or he shunned them. She led Scruff alongside streams, and over hills leafy with timber, and during patches of timber so thick, they can slightly squeeze among the trunks. She can have taken a swifter path to her neighbors' domestic, yet quickly paths carried many toes, because the announcing went; the following she observed in basic terms dragonflies, birds, and spiders. "I'm hungry," Scruff stated. He eyed a few mushrooms. "Can you consume these? " Cobweb shook her head. "Bettew now not. i do know s-s-somebody who ate one among dose mushwooms as soon as. She's stiww confident dat she's a smaww piece of stwing. " Scruff licked his lips, appeared to be contemplating, then shook his head. "Better now not. " She patted his shoulder. "Gossamew and Webdew wiww feed us. " ultimately within the night, Cobweb observed the hill forward, and her center twisted. Longlegs Hill. Her domestic. Tears stuffed her eyes and she or he trembled. "Dis is da pwace. " The hill rose from a hoop of white rocks. Oaks and birches grew round and atop it, twisting and rustling. In those bushes, she had lived for 16 years with Gossamer and Webdew, her dearest associates, the single spiderlings who by no means mocked her twisted tongue. "Home," she whispered. "It's beautiful," Scruff stated and sneezed. "Aside from the entire silk—HOO! —flowers. " They climbed the hill, relocating among the twisting timber. Cobweb observed the elm the place she'd frequently sleep at evening, nestled among the branches and leaves—the position the place she felt so much secure. She kissed the tree, her dearest tree within the woodland. Beside it grew gnarled beech bushes, the place Gossamer and Webdew lived. "Gossamew! " she whispered. "Webdew! " The timber rustled within the wind, yet not anyone responded. fear clutched Cobweb, yet she pressured herself to take deep breaths. Her associates have been most likely on the Silkflower pageant, or long past to swim in Dragonfly Pool, or even out patrolling the borders with bow and arrow. "Fwiends? " she whispered. Leaves rustled, and spiderlings leaped down from the branches, keeping bamboo shoots. Cobweb gasped; these weren't her associates. They gave Cobweb merciless, mocking smiles. "Welcome domestic, freak," one stated, a tender lady with pointy ears and suggest blue eyes. "Never proposal we might see you back, child lips," acknowledged one other, 100 silver braids framing her sharp pink face.

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