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By Christopher Stasheff

Welcome to Gramarye the place witches, warlocks, elves, and gnomes are actual; the place a spoiled girl-queen and a military of teenybopper witches and ragtag beggars conflict an overpowering strength of insurgent knights and time-travelling anarchists, for the way forward for the main specified, and maybe most vital, planet within the galaxy.
this can be what cynical, hard-bitten intergalactic secret agent Rod Gallowglass faces whilst he and his robotic horse Fess, attempt to convey peace and democracy to this magic-ridden Renaissance-age society. Rod s undertaking is threatened at each flip via anarchists, communists, and double-dealing royalists enjoying vicious political strength video games. issues are made even worse while Rod's complicated know-how will get him categorized a warlock regardless of his consistent denials. support comes from the main unforeseen assets while he meets an old ghost, the King of the Elves, and the main robust witch on this planet.
this can be sword-and-sorcery with a witty, edgy, wry twist.
The vintage technology myth novel via Christopher Stasheff involves existence in eleven hours of dramatic audio, that includes famous narrator Dennis Regan, and a whole cast.
This is an mp3 DVD.

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