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By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi - XKP

Death is a fact during which all humans think. although, it's also a fact which so much folks wish to preserve out of our minds.

In Islam, demise isn't really an finish to our lifestyles; it's a passage, which takes us from this global to the hereafter – the particular function for our construction and the results of our paintings during this existence. no matter if we worry loss of life or now not will depend on how a lot we've ready for the reckoning of the Day Judgement.

Preparing for loss of life is a lifetime’s activity. It starts off at the day you succeed in the age of bulugh and are held answerable for your deeds within the eyes of Almighty Allah. Imam ‘Ali bin Abu Talib (a.s.) has superbly defined the guidance for loss of life as follows: “Fulfilling the duties, refraining from forbidden [things, and buying noble character.”

In this text, i've got tried to provide a few of the issues which all believers are both required or strongly recommended to just do earlier than dying by way of the Shari’ah.



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S. ) is the consultant of Allah. ’” bankruptcy 14 normal Masaels • If a foetus of four months or extra is still-born it's compulsory to offer it Ghusl, Hunut and Kafan. • If it has no longer accomplished four months, however it has shaped positive factors of a human baby, it has to be given Ghusl, Hunut and Kafan as a precaution. • within the occasion either the above conditions being absent, the foetus could be wrapped up in a fabric and buried with no Ghusl, Hunutor Kafan. • it truly is compulsory to provide Salatul Mayyit for each Muslim in addition to for a Muslim baby if he/she has accomplished 6 years of age. • If a baby had now not accomplished 6 years, yet he/she used to be a Mumayyiz (a discerning baby) who knew what Salat was once, then as an compulsory precaution, Salatul Mayyit for him/her can be provided. If he/she didn't comprehend of Salat, then the prayers can be provided with the Niyyah of ‘Raja’. • As for Talqeen for Mayyit whose recitation is Mustahab, I checked a few books and there's no point out approximately it being suggested for kids. Salaat of Mayyit isn't wajib for kids lower than six years so it really is secure to assert that there's no talqeen for kids below six. really, Maulana Rizivi believes that there's no talqeen for a Mayyit who's now not a baligh. Allah is aware the simplest. (H. okay. ) Q) I search your recommendation if there's any relevance within the Shari'ah touching on the next factor proposed for implementation: "‘Miniature Graves’ – there's a advice that in response to the hadith that are meant to somebody’s parents/relatives be buried some distance [distant lands], one should still make a mark on the kabrastan and recite fateha at the marhum[een] – miniature graves [12” x 18”] with a plastic marker] will be made and positioned inside of our obstacles. Such graves to be allotted at a minimal hadiya of among $ 50 and a hundred. " A) To make an everlasting marker as miniature graves of oldsters is absolutely going over the board. The Prophet (s. a. w. w. ) had requested somebody to head and symbolically make a marking of a grave and pray at that grave. however it was once by no means meant individual should purchase a plot and erect an enduring symbolic grave, after which periodically stopover at that 'grave'! this custom might be stopped sooner than it will get out of hand. Ask those who find themselves to pay that very same quantity has charity within the identify in their parent(s) and there without doubt may be extra present for them. (M. R. ) Q) in accordance with what i've been proficient is that it truly is makrooh to mild fireplace at the grave. The query is: Is it Makrooh to put a lighted "agarbathi" (a perfumed kind of stick while lighted offers strong odor) at the grave? A) there is not any challenge in that. during this specific case, whereas it was once now not a Muslim graveyard. The kin of the deceased had bought a small element to house approximately 6-8 Kabr. For family which while burried dealing with Qiblah whould accommodate hardly ever 3-9Kabr. The query is, will this very small and insignificant section of a wide cemetery be thought of an appropriate element and Muslim physique should be buried during this element. A) the instance that you've got written can't be categorised as "a Muslim cemetery" and hence it can no longer be correct to bury in that cemetery.

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