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By Sherif Muhammad Abdel Azeem - XKP

A comparision of the placement of ladies in Islam, Christianity & Judaism in line with the Qur'an, Bible & Talmud respectively.




Published by way of: international Islamic community H.Abbas (a.s.) highway, Mumbai- four hundred 009. (India)


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The Qur’an, furthermore, makes no contrast among girls and boys. unlike the Bible, the Qur’an considers the start of a feminine as a present and a blessing from God, almost like the beginning of a male. The Qur’an even mentions the present of the feminine beginning first: “To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills. He bestows woman kids to whomever He wills and bestows male youngsters to whomever He wills” (42:49). in an effort to wipe out all of the lines of girl infanticide within the nascent Muslim society, Prophet Muhammad (S) promised those that have been blessed with daughters of an outstanding present in the event that they could deliver them up kindly: "He who's fascinated about mentioning daughters, and accords benevolent therapy in the direction of them, they are going to be safety for him opposed to Hell-Fire" (Bukhari and Muslim). "Whoever continues ladies until they reach adulthood, he and that i will come at the Resurrection Day like this; and he joined his palms" (Muslim). “One who brings up 3 daughters or sisters and is sufferer in incomes for his or her upkeep until the time they are going to be married (…) He and that i might be in Paradise like this”(Saying this the Prophet (S) confirmed his index and heart palms joined)” and folks requested him: “O Messenger of Allah, what if he brings up of them {daughters/sisters}? ” He (S) spoke back: “even if two”. “What if a guy brings up just one daughter? ” humans continued. “Even if eh brings up just one daughter or sister” answered the Messenger of Allah (S). (Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 104, p. ninety nine) bankruptcy five lady schooling? the variation among the Biblical and the Qur’anic conceptions of girls isn't restricted to the newly born girl, it extends a ways past that. allow us to evaluate their attitudes in the direction of a feminine attempting to examine her faith. the guts of Judaism is the Torah, the legislations. although, in keeping with the Talmud, "women are exempt from the research of the Torah. " a few Jewish Rabbis firmly declared "Let the phrases of Torah otherwise be destroyed via fireplace than imparted to women", and "Whoever teaches his daughter Torah is as if he taught her obscenity"[8] the angle of St. Paul within the New testomony isn't brighter: "As in the entire congregations of the saints, girls may still stay silent within the church buildings. they aren't allowed to talk, yet needs to be in submission because the legislation says. in the event that they are looking to inquire approximately anything, they need to ask their very own husbands at domestic; for it really is disgraceful for a girl to talk within the church. " (I Corinthians 14:34-35) How can a lady study if she isn't really allowed to talk? How can a lady develop intellectually if she is obliged to be in a country of complete submission? How can she expand her horizons if her one and purely resource of data is her husband at domestic? Now, to be reasonable, we should always ask: is the Qur’anic place any assorted? One brief tale narrated within the Qur’an sums its place up concisely. Khawlah used to be a Muslim lady whose husband Aws mentioned this assertion at a second of anger: "You are to me because the again of my mom.

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